LCD LED Display Panel Short Killer Schematic Circuit Diagram

LCD/LED display panel's Short Remover: How do you make a panel short killer to remove the short circuit of any LCD or LED TV panel? Published complete guidelines with the circuit diagram of CKV short killer.

LCD Display Panel Short Remover Circuit Diagram

To make a CKV shot killer device/machine, you first need to build a transformer; that's why I am giving all the instructions about how to make a transformer for the LCD Panel short remover circuit; so carefully recall the circuit diagram below all the data to make the LCD panel's short killer.

Circuit Diagram of LED LCD Panels CKV line Short Killer or Remover Machine

Circuit diagram of the Short Killer of CKV lines of LED LCD panel.

CKV Short Remover Circuit Diagram's Components list & values:

• IC1 - It is a KA7812 IC. Unregulated voltage should be input at its pin1, pin2 will be connected to negative or ground, and regulated 12V DC output from pin3 will be the operating voltage of the CKV short killer circuit.
• Q1- BC337 or C2120 NPN Transistor
• IC2 - NE555 Timer IC / Monostable Multivibrator IC
• RL1 - 12V Relay. LMP1- 25 Watt Tungsten Bulb.
• REG1- Ceiling fan regulator. A good quality  AC regulator should be used to remove the short circuit of the LCD TV or Dextop Monitor panel.

• C1- 2200µF_50V, C2- 220µF_25V, C3- 0.1µF (104), C4- 100µF_25V, C5- 0.1µF (104)

• D1, D2, D3, D4, and D5 - IN4007 Rectifier Diode, D6- LED for triggering  indicator. (For D1, D2, D3, and D4, Using a bridge rectifier will save you time).

• VR1- 10KΩ Potentiometer. R1,R2- 10KΩ_2Watt, R3- 680Ω, R4- 10KΩ, R5- 3.3KΩ

• TR1 - Iron core AC transformer. The input voltage of this transformer is AC 220 volts or 110 volts. Output voltage- Com - 15V - 100V AC.

What is CKV1 CKV2 CKVB1 CKVB2 ? Click Here

How do you build a new transformer for an LCD / LED display's Short Killer Circuit?

There should be 15-volt AC from the Common tap to the Center tap and 100-volt AC from the Common tap to the finishing tap.

LCD/LED Display Panels CKV Short Killer Transformer

A new transformer can make for a CKV short killer device of LCD TV panels; the core size is mentioned in the figure above, and the super enamel wire's gauge value and the coil's number of turns are also detailed. The transformer's core stack is 1.25".

If you want to make a transformer using a black and white TV power transformer for an LCD/LED Panel's short killer and learn how to remove an LCD/LED panel short circuit, watch the VIDEO on YouTube (Ornate Pixels). Moreover, the video has instructions on how to repair the LCD panel if it is shorted.

NB: This is a stable circuit of a 555 IC. Click here to learn what a monostable delay timer circuit is.

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