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What are AVDD, STV, VGH, VCOM, VGL, and CKV, and their functions? To understand these things, you need to know some basics of LCD panels first. We try to understand those aspects of the LCD panel.

A tiny liquid crystal cell is below the RGB subpixels of the LCD panel and above the backlight (Look at the diagram).

SM4053C IC Circuit Diagram Datasheet Pinout and Voltage Details

 SM4053C IC contains one buck converter for VGL output and three boost converters for VDD, HVDD, and VGH output. This multi-function IC has several DC-to-DC converters, gamma, logic level shifters, and VCOM sections. Moreover, SM4053C IC provides overload-protected VGH ODD and EVEN output

TPS65175 IC Circuit Diagram Pinout & Substitution

TPS65175C IC is an integrated circuit designed by Texas Instruments. It is a power management IC commonly used in LCD panels, especially applications requiring multiple power rails. The IC is part of the TPS651xx family, known for its versatility and efficiency in managing power.

Low Noise Microphone Preamplifier Circuit Diagram

Microphone Preamplifier Circuit Diagram using Transistor: To get crystal clear sound from the loudspeaker, we need a high-performance microphone preamplifier module capable of receiving and outputting all signals in the audio frequency range of 20Hz to 20KHz.

P301-16 IC Schematic Circuit Diagram Datasheet and Pinout

The P301-16 IC is used in various sizes of AUO LCD panels. These ICs are manufactured by AUO company. This IC works for LCD TVs or monitor power management. At times, DC-to-DC converter circuits face various complex problems. In this case, the circuit diagram, pinout, and datasheet

555 IC Delay Timer Schematic Circuit Diagram With Relay

Delay Timer Circuit Diagram Using 555 IC With Relay

You can easily make an excellent performance delay timer circuit using 555 IC and a relay. That is why a schematic circuit diagram of a delay timer with all kinds of technical support is published here. 555 ICs made by different manufacturers have

RM76320FB-61A, NT39530H-C5203A, RM76370FC-80K, NT39567H-C5286A Get COF Data

Get COF/TAB Data
1. RM76320FB-61A
2. NT61237H-C6523A/A
3. NT39530H-C5203A
4. RM76370FC-80K
5. NT39567H-C5286A

RM76320-61A COF Points Datasheet

1,3. VGL  -7 Volts
2. VCOM - 6 Volts
4. STV Out
5. OE    2.3 Volts
6. CPV   1 Volt
7. VGH  26 Volts

8. Ground - 0Volt
9. VDD-     3.3 Voltas
10. STV IN - 1.5 Volts
12. VGL Out
13. VGH Out
The RM76320-61A gate COF is installed in the HV320WHB-N80 BOE LCD panel.

RM76320FB-61A COF Data

RM76320FB-61A COF Data

RM76320FB-61A COF Points Data

NT39530H-C5203A COF Point Datasheet

1. GND  2. STV
3. VDD  4. VGL
5. VGH  6. OE
7. CKV  8,9. VDD

NT39530H-C5203A Gate COF is a Novatek product.

NT39530H-C5203A COF/TAB Data

NT39530H-C5203A COF Point Datasheet

RM76370FC-80K COF/TAB Data

RM76370FC-80K COF Data

1. VGL   2.VGL  3. VGH
4. OE      5. STV  6. CKV
7. STVR 8. STV Out

RM76370FC-80K Gate COF is a Raydium's product.

RM76370FC-80K COF/Tab Data

RM76370FC-80K COF Data

NT39567H-C5286A COF Data

1. VCOM  2,3. VGL  4. VGH
5. STV       6. OE       7. CKV
8. VDD (Voltage Drain Drain) 3.3Volts.
9. VGH Output.

NT39567H-C5286A COF Datasheet Free Download

NT39567H-C5286A COF Data

NT39567H-C5286A COF Datasheet

COF Points Datasheet Page- 2  Click Here
8656F CYOB 

Get COF Data Page- 3 Here
• NT39530H-C5204A
• ILI5760 M2CB1
• NT39538H-C1272A
• RM76190FA-0A0
• NT61237H-C6523A/A

COF Points Datasheet Page- 4  Click Here

LCD LED Display Panel Short Killer Schematic Circuit Diagram

LCD/LED display panel's Short Remover: How do you make a panel short killer to remove the short circuit of any LCD or LED TV panel? Published complete guidelines with the circuit diagram of CKV short killer.

LCD Display Panel Short Remover Circuit Diagram

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What are AVDD, STV, VGH, VCOM, VGL, and CKV, and their functions? To understand these things, you need to know some basics of LCD panels fir...

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