What is Molecule | Atomic structure of Silicon (Si) molecule | Element and Compound Molecule Details

What is a Molecule? Atomic Structure of Silicon (Si) Molecule | Element and Compound Molecule Details.

What a Molecule is: In simple words, tiny particles of a substance are called molecules, but in a little more detail, you will know more about the molecule.

The smallest particle of a solid, liquid, or gaseous substance that exists in a free or independent state and possesses

all the properties of that substance is called a molecule. These tiny particles or molecules of matter cannot be visual without a microscope. These molecules are generally of two types: Element molecules and compound molecules,

1. Element Molecule:

The substance comprises only one kind of molecule, and when those molecules are broken down to form one type of atom, it is called the elemental substance. And the molecules of the primary substance are called element molecules. 

Atomic structure of silicon molecule, Silicon Molecule ,  Element Molecule , Compound Molecule ,

Atomic & Molecular Structure of Silicon Molecule

The 1st part of the picture above is pure silicone (Si), and the second part contains only one silicon (Si) molecule. This silicon molecule has no atoms of any other substance except silicon, so silicon molecules are excellent examples of elemental molecules. The silicon molecule contains 14 electrons, and the nucleus at the center of the silicon molecule contains 14 protons and 14 neutrons. The way planets of the solar system revolve in their orbits around the sun,

In the same way, the electrons revolve around the orbits of the nucleus. Silicon is the material of semiconductors. In proportion to the number of electrons, protons, and neutrons, silicon has made it easy to build - diodes, transistors, ICs, and other electronic components.

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Silicon was discovered by Swedish Chemist Jons Jacob Berzelius in 1824.

Symbol of silicon - Si

The atomic number of silicon is 14

Number of molecules- 14

Number of protons - 14

Electrons par shell or orbit- 2, 8, 4 

Group- 14 (Carbon) 

Silicon is a semiconductor. 

Molecule of Water , Oxygen Atom Hydrogen Atom

COMPOUND MOLECULE (Atomic structure of Water)


The molecules formed when atoms of different elements are joined are called compound molecules. As you can see in the figure above, a bit of oxygen and two atoms of hydrogen are combined to form a water molecule. There are more examples where a carbon (C) atom and two (O) oxygen atoms mix to form a carbon dioxide molecule. So, both water molecules and carbon dioxide molecules are compound molecules.

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