CS902 IC Datasheet | CS902-A-R IC Pinout and pins function details

CS902-A-R IC pin functions and datasheet.

IC Number - CS902-A-R

Applications- LCD TV, Dextop, and Laptop Monitor Power Management

Why do we need the CS902-A-R IC datasheet and pin details?

CS902-A-R IC is used in the DC to DC converter circuit of ST3151A05-F-XC-1 32-inch LCD panel. When the LED or LCD TV  panel is

damaged, in many cases, the datasheet of the DC to DC Converter IC is required to repair the LED TV display panel by an alternative method without a COF bonding machine.
 NT61237H-C6523A/A COF is used in this panel with CS902-A-R IC.

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CS902-A-R IC datasheet or CS902 IC Pinout

CS902-A-R IC Schematic Circuit Diagram- Click Here

CS902-A-R IC datasheet (pins 1 to 20)

Pin Pin Name   Description of pins (Pin function)

1    VINB1 Power Supply Input
2    VINB1 Power Supply Input
3    AVIN         Analog input voltage for Analog Circuit
4    AGND Ground for analog Circuit
5    SDA          Serial data input & output
6    SCL         Serial clock pulse input & output
7    AO         Device address 0bit
8    HVS         HVS enable
9    NC         Not connected (Unused pin)
10  COMP Compensation pin for boos converter
11   VL         Logic regulator output for internal circuit
12   NTC        Temperature compensation pin for VGH
13   PGNG Input power ground
14    PGNG Input power ground
15    LX         Switch Circuit pin for boost converter
16    LX         Switch Circuit pin for boost converter
17    LXI         High-side switch input
18    LXO         High-side switch output pin
19    LXO        High-side switch output pin
20    VGL        Low gate voltage output

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CS902 IC pinout (Pin21 to pin 40)

Pin Pin Name Description of pins ( Pin function)
21 DRVN Base driver of the external NPN transistor for the VGL Circuit 
22 DEVP The base driver of the external PNP transistor for the VGH Circuit
23 AVIN Analog input voltage for Analog Circuit
24 NC         Not connected
25 A1         Compatible device address bit1
26 VFLK Gate shipping control input pin
27 NC         Not connected (unused pin)
28 'OGND' OPAMP ground pin, Ground of the operational amplifier circuit 
29 OP_         OUT OPAMP out, the Output pin of the operational amplifier circuit
30 NEG Negative input of the operational amplifier circuit
31 POS Positive input of the operational amplifier (OPAMP)
32 VSUP Voltage supply of OPAMP
33 EN         Chip Enable
34 VGH Voltage of high gate output
35 VGHM Gate shipping function switch
36 RE         Discharge (Gate shipping function circuit)
37 OUTB1 Buck converter output pin
38 LXB1 Switch pin of Buck converter output 
39 LXB1 Switch pin of Buck converter output 
40 Boot1 Gate driver Voltage for N channel MOSFET of the buck converter

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CS902-A-R is a unique IC for all power management of TFT LCD panels. This CS902 IC can be used on various TFT panels by designing the circuit by changing the value of the resistor and PWM frequency to apply the bias supply voltage to the required pin while keeping the input voltage of this IC fixed.

CS902 IC Related Video

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Some information about CS902-A-R IC-

The CS902 IC has a sync boost regulator circuit to output the AVDD voltage from 13 to 19 volts. It also has programmable output current control.
• Programmable VGH charge pump circuit from 20 to 40 volts (Gate shaping voltage).
• Its frequency is fixed at 750 kHz for a DC-to-DC voltage boost.
There is a negative charge pump circuit for the VGL output. (-4.5Volts to -13.5Volts).
Swising Frequency 750Khz
Short Circuit Protection is available
• An excellent system of over-temperature protection.
VGH Temperature compensation

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