SM4186 IC Schematic Circuit Diagram & Pin Voltage Details

Application of this IC: SM4186 is used in the LSC320AN10H03 LCD panel manufactured by Samsung and the LSC320AN10-XX series LCD TV  panel.

• SM4186 IC Schematic Circuit Diagram for Samsung LCD  Panel
• What is the function of SM4186 IC in an LCD Panel?
• Equivalent information of SM4186 IC

• Pinout, Pin function, and pin voltage details of SM4186 IC
• SM4186 IC  PDF Datasheet With Schematic Circuit Diagram.


SM4186 IC is a unique component for supplementary power management and signal processing in Samsung LCD TV panels. This IC has several voltage regulator circuits: the VGH charge pump circuit as the voltage boost converter and the VGL charge pump circuit as the buck converter. AVDD, HVAVDD, and VCOM circuits are integrated with SM4186 IC.

After thoroughly observing a Samsung LCD panel, I designed the schematic circuit diagram of SM4186 IC and published it below. A closer look at the circuit diagram will give a more detailed understanding. The circuit diagram of SM4186 IC will be helpful for Samsung LCD panel repair.


SM4186 IC is installed in the LSC320AN10-H03 Samsung LCD panel; following that panel, the schematic circuit diagram of SM4186 IC is designed and published below; the circuit design is slightly different from Samsung's other model panel, keeping the pin configuration correct.

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SM4186 IC Schematic Circuit Diagram of Samsung LCD

Values of Fuse, Resistors, and Capacitors in SM4186 IC Schematic Circuit Diagram.

Capacitors Values in SM4186 IC Circuit

C1 - 47µf 50V. C2 - 0.1µf 50V. C3 - 1µf 50V. C3B 0.1µf 50V, C4 - 0.1µf 50V. C5 - 0.22µf 50V. C6 - 1µf 50V. C7 - 0.1µf 50V. C8 - 10µf 50V. C9 - 0.1µf 50V. C10 - 0.047µf.
C11 - 01µf, C12 - 25µf 16V, C13 - 25µf 16V, C14 - 0.01µf, C15 - 10µf 16V, C16 - 0.1µf 16V, C17 - 0.1µf, C18 - 4.7µf 50V, C19 - 4.7µf 50V, C20 - 4.7µf 50V.

Values of Rasistors in SM4186 IC Circuit
R1- 8.4KΩ, R2- 6.7KΩ, R3- 42KΩ, R3B- 17KΩ, R4- 78KΩ, R5- 1.3KΩ, R6- 2.3KΩ, R7-13.4KΩ, R8- 42KΩ, R9- 6.4KΩ,

Values of Inductors 

L1- 220µH, L2- 100µH, L3- SMD Inductor, L4- 100µH, L5- 100µH.

CKV connections of SM4186 IC:

What is CKV in LCD, and what is its function? Click Here 

Look at the circuit diagram – Pins 37, 38, 39, and 40 output CKV1, CKVB1, CKV2, and CKVB2.

SM4186 IC Datasheet, Pin Function, & Pin Voltage Details-

Click Here

Equivalent information of SM4186 IC

LSC320AN10-XXX series Samsung LCD panel used this  IC. Substitution or the equivalent IC of SM4186 IC has yet to be found. If found, it will be published here immediately.

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