What is Substance Element Compound & Electronics (Basic Electronics Part 1)

What is a Substance Element Compound 

Basic Electronics Part #1

Why is it necessary to acquire knowledge about the basics of electronics?

In the development of science and technology, in the rapid exchange of information, the fast production of large quantities of products in industrial plants, medical science, and education managementelectronics are directly or indirectly involved in almost all important places. Even if you are currently using the device, you have visited Ornate pixels dot com, and that computer or mobile phone is the contribution of electronics. These electronics have made our lives much better and more accessible.

Anyway, since you decided to learn the work of electronics, that is why it is essential to have explicit knowledge of the basics of electronics; otherwise, when you do the work of electronics, you will need the help of others again and again to solve complex problems of an electronic device.

What is Electronics?

The word electronics comes straight from the Electron, and the branch of science that studies the flow of electrons is called electronicsSo, the basics of electronics are entirely dependent on electronsThese electrons are present in iron, copper, water, gold, soil, and even in every blood cell of our bodyIn a word, these electrons are present in every substance.

Since the substance contains electrons, we need to know the meaning. Otherwise, we will need help understanding the character of the Electron.

What is substance?

Objects that occupy space have weight and prevent the application of force; those objects are called substances. There are generally two types of substances, namely elements and compounds.


If a substance chemically analyzed or crushed has no meaning other than that substance in every tiny particle, that substance is called an element. [See the picture and read more below the image.

Substance Element Compound

Examples of elements and compounds

Look at the picture and remember - the difference between Element and Compound substances.


A substance chemically analyzed to find two or more meanings is called a compound, such as iron rust; this rust contains iron and oxygen. Water includes a certain amount of oxygen, and hydrogen and oxygen are found when water is analyzed, so water is a compound.

Basic Electronics Part 2-
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