SM4186 IC Datasheet Pinout Diagram CKV Information

SM4186 IC is a Quad Flat No lead package (QFN) integrated circuit with 56 terminals. This IC works for power management and signal transmission of the LCD panel, which is controlled by digital data and clock pulse; its datasheet (pinout), pin voltage details, CKV, and all other information are available on this page. The operating voltage of SM4186 IC is 12 volts. SM4186 IC is usually used in LCD panels manufactured by Samsung.

SM4186 IC CKV Information

When the LCD TV's LSC320AN10-H03 panel does not have VGH, VGL, AVDD, VCOM, and CKV voltages, then in most cases, it can be assumed that the DC to DC converter circuit is in safety mode. Usually, the DC-to-DC converter circuit goes into safety mode if there is a short circuit in the panel driver circuit or COF.

Two sets of LEDs are placed between the panels to improve the graphics quality of LED TVs,
There are multiple gate driver (COF) circuits to drive those two sets of LEDs. If there is a short circuit in the driver or output circuits, the DC-to-DC converter circuit goes into safety mode.

By disconnecting certain CKV connections in this condition, the voltage supply to the short-circuited driver circuit is stopped.

The DC to DC converter circuit becomes active, one part of the panel is fully activated, and light graphics are visible on the screen so that you can find the CKV connections from the figure and data of SM4186 IC.

SM4186 IC Datasheet Pinout Diagram & Voltage Details 

The pinout and pin voltage details of SM4186 IC are here, Which are precisely the same as the datasheet. So refer to the PDF datasheet of SM4186 IC for a specific reference.

1.   AVDD 15 Volts
2.   12 AVDD Switch
6.   AVDD Out 15 Volts.
7.   1.8 Volts
9.   3.3 Volts
10. 1.8 Volts                                                                              

12. Power Supply 12 volts
13. 3.3 Volts                                                                              
15. AVDD 15 volts
16. Reset Pin                                 
18. Enable                  

19. SDA  Serial Data                                       
20. SCL  Serial Clock pulse
23. 3.3    Data
25. STV  Vertical signal
26. CPV1 - 1.6 Volts
27. CPV2 - 1.6 Volts

SM4186 IC Pin Configuration diagram, SM4186 IC CKV, SM4186 IC Pin Voltage,

SM4186 IC Pinout, CKV, and Pin Functions


29:   AVDD 15Volts
30:  12 Volts Power Supply
31: VOFF (VGL) -      - 9.5 Volts
32:  -7.5 VOLTS
33:  -7.5VOLTS
35,36: CKV1 - 8.4 VOLTS

37: CKVB1 - 8.4VOLTS
38, 39: CKV2 - 8.4VOLTS
40: CKV2 - 8.4VOLTS
41: VON (VGH) 30 VOLTS
42: SUPPLY 12 Volts here
43: GND

46: VCOM (Common Voltage for all thin film Transistor)

50: 7.4 VOLTS
51: 7.5 VOLTS
52: 7.5 VOLTS
54: 12 VOLTS SUPPLY here
56: 12 VOLTS SUPPLY here

SM4186 IC equivalent or Substitution

The equivalent or Substitution IC of SM4186 IC is probably not yet made by any other company; if we know about the equivalent of this IC, it will be published here soon.

[SM4186 IC Related Video]


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