E15063094V-0 T-Con T Con Board All Test Points Voltage Details | SM4053C IC

The E15063094V-0 T-Con board is used for Magnavox, Philips, Videocon, and Walton LCD TV display panels.

E15063094V-0 T-Con Board Voltage Details of All Test Points.

Usually, most LED TVs have panel problems, and every LED / LCD TV has a T-Con board. If the panel's COF or Panel driver IC is damaged or shorted, the required voltage is no longer extended output from the DC to DC converter adjacent to the T-Con board, or the voltage drops.

Then, measuring the voltages of various test points of the T-Con circuit is necessary. With that purpose in mind, the voltages of all the test points of the E15063094V-0 T-Con board are recorded here below the image of the E15063094V-0 T-Con board.
( E15063094V-0 T-Con Board Used SM4053C and TPS65175 IC DC to DC Converter IC )
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E15063094V-0 T-Con Board Voltage , E15063094V-0 TCon Board Test Points Voltage , E15063094V-0 T-Con Board Voltage

 E15063094V-0 T-Con board

(Please zoom in on the image to see the tiny test points)

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E15063094V-0 T-Con board: All Test Point Voltages

1. GCLK 1    6.0 Volts
2. GCLK 2    6.0 Volts
3. GCLK 3    6.0 Volts
4. GCLK 4    6.0 Volts
5. GCLK 5    6.0 Volts
6. GCLK 6    6.0 Volts
7. VGH_R     26 Volts
8. VGH_F     -4.7 Volts
9. ODD         26 Volts and -4.8 Volts (Flip-Flop)
A. EVEN       -4.8 Volts and 26 Volts (Flip-Flop)
B. VST          -4.7 Volts
C. Reset       -4.7 Volts
D. VCOMFB  5.8 Volts
E. VCOM       5.8 Volts
F.  2.7 Volts
G. 3.6 Volts
H. 4.6 Volts
I. 10.3 Volts
J. 11.2 Volts
K. 12.6 Volts
See more information below the E15063094V-0 T-Con board image

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E15063094V-0 TCon Board Test Points Voltage , E15063094V-0 T-Con Board Test Points Voltage , E15063094V-0 T Con Board Test Points Voltage ,

 E15063094V-0 T-Con board all Test Points Voltage Details

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VIN  -    12 Volts
VDD -   15.2 Volts
HVDD -    Volts
SDA -     3.3 Volts
SCL -     3.3 Volts
VGH -    26 Volts
VGL  -   -5 Volts
SOE -   0.6 Volts
WP-     3.1 Volts
P12-    12 Volts
VCC-   3.3 Volts
HVDD- 7.6 Volts



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